D5: The “Finish Line” for Foster Youth

D5: The “Finish Line” for Foster Youth

October 30, 2018
11:30 am - 12:45 pm

U.S. Boardroom

Lorrie Deck, Beth Ellis

D5: The “Finish Line” for Foster Youth

Older foster youth (18-21) transitioning from the child welfare system face many challenges to gaining and maintaining their independence. There is a system and process in place to support youth transitioning out of foster care, but a lack of safe and affordable housing results in many older youth becoming homeless / couch-surfing. Hear from a former foster youth, learn about the transition process and the needs of this vulnerable population, and how you can help.

Moderator & Speaker: Lorrie Deck, Director, Program Division Office of Children, Youth, and Families, PA Department of Human Services.

Speaker: Beth Ellis, Housing Specialist, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania