C10: Collaborative Partnerships

C10: Collaborative Partnerships

December 5, 2017
9:45 am - 11:00 am


Mark Deitcher; Anna Frank; Jamila Harris-Morrison; Russ Johnson

C10: Collaborative Partnerships

In an era with nonprofit organizations competing for limited resources, nonprofits have to consider the possibility of alliances, collaborations or, in some cases, mergers.  This interactive workshop will explore this through the lens of a foundation, which brokered a collaboration, a bank that formed a collaborative of banks to provide financial education to area nonprofits, and a nonprofit that took the plunge and formed a strategic alliance with a larger nonprofit.

Moderator: Mark Deitcher, Director of Business Development, Mission First Housing Group

Speaker(s): Anna Frank, Financial Education Program Coordinator, First Commonwealth Bank; Jamila Harris-Morrison, Executive Director, ACHIEVEability; Russ Johnson, President & CEO, HealthSpark Foundation.